Keep track of your inks

An app for Tattoo and PMU artists to manage day to day tasks and track client sessions and inks used on their clients

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Simplify paperwork

Manage your clients, sessions and inks from your mobile

Keep session records

Add details, the inks you use and even images to your recorded sessions

A community project

Always a free version with data sovereignty, you control your data

Keep informed

Keep up to date with industry news, podcasts, vlogs and events

Developed for the community

Our industries, both tattooing and permanent make-up are going through serious regulatory changes, REACH in Europe and MOCRA in the USA.
A lot of this has to do with the products we use, their chemical make-up, documentation and record keeping.
We can stay ahead of this by sharing ideas and building solutions to help our industries keep up to date with legislation.


The ethos of the project

We're now live on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store,
If you'd like to take part in testing pre-release versions and help us find bugs and provide feedback, then join our Discord below and request to become a tester.