About Inkflow Portal
Inkflow Portal has been created to start a community project, the central idea is to consolidate information on inks and products used in the tattoo and PMU industry. To create a portal where we can share information and news on inks, products and legislation and regulations in the industry.

We're currently a web developer and tattooist with software development experience, when we're not tattooing we're sourcing information and trying to build on the Portal.

Our industry is under heavy regulatory scrutiny, being transaparent with the products used in it is a big step forward to meeting their demands, making it easily available to all is even better.

Having an easily accessibly central point of information helps the entire industry.

  • For tattooers, permanent make-up artists, and clients, they can easily view ingredients, potential allergy information, news and reported recalls, allowing them to make an informed decision as to whether or not to use the products, or even if they are legally allowed to use them in their region.
  • For suppliers it serves as a central point of access they can link to for the products they distribute and sell, freeing them up from having to ensure they have the latest documentation and constantly updating their websites.
  • Finally the manufacturers, if they choose to support their brand on the portal they are able to keep information on their products up to date and easily accessible to both suppliers and users of their products.
    The portal allows for endless linking of documents and information to any ink or brand by a manufacturer.
    They can also post news related to their products and what they have planned or are releasing.
We're currently self funded but eventually we hope to have the project fund itself with advertising and possbile backend features manufacturers may find helpful.

Helping out
As the portal is designed for information sharing, everyone in the community can help.

Find an article you think may be of benefit to the industry, get in touch and we'll look to link it in the news.
Want to launch a product that is used on clients, we can give you access to allow you to add your data to the portal and maintain it, making it accessible to those that use your product.

If a product or ink isn't present and you use it a lot, let us know and we'll look to add it.

If you have any skills that you think could be of use, drop us a message, UI/UX experience, industry blogger, testing the site, it all helps.

The system is in it's infancy with more releases planned to add additional functionality and make it easier to use. We hope to release a roadmap soon of future development.

If you have any ideas, want to report on bugs or just want to know more about the system you can contact us.

The Inkflow Team