EU Compliant Inks

As of January 2022 only REACH compliant inks are allowed to be used in the EU. An EU compliant tattoo/cosmetic ink is one that meets the standards laid out in this article

While we try our best to keep up to date with ink details please be aware that some inks/brands may be missing from this list, we react to changes as soon as possible.
If you know of any inaccuracies or missing inks in the list please get in touch.

EU Compliant Brands
(all inks in the brand are EU compliant)

Carbon Black Tattoo Ink
Dynamic Color EU
Eclipse Tattoo Ink
I Am Ink
Intenze - Gen Z
Just Ink Tattoo Colors
Kuro Sumi - Imperial
Perma Blend Luxe
Quantum Cosmetic
Quantum Cosmetic Platinum
Quantum Gold Label
World Famous - LIMITLESS
Xtreme Tattoo Inks RC

EU Compliant Inks
(not all inks in the brand are EU compliant but these individual inks in the brand are)

Eternal Ink Darker Gray
Eternal Ink 20 Gray Wash
Eternal Ink Dark Gray
Eternal Ink Neutral Gray 40
Eternal Ink Silk White
Eternal Ink Darkest Gray
Eternal Ink White
Eternal Ink Medium Gray
Eternal Ink Perfect White
Eternal Ink Neutral Gray 60
Eternal Ink Light Gray
Eternal Ink 80 Gray Wash
Eternal Ink White
Eternal Ink 60 Gray Wash
Eternal Ink Neutral Gray 80
Eternal Ink White Knight
Eternal Ink 40 Gray Wash
Eternal Ink Neutral Gray 20
Panthera Black Gold
World Famous Tattoo Ink Revolution