Ink brands announce new green and blue inks available for 2023 to meet new blue/green compliance

Raw Pigments, Intenze and World Famous have been the first to announce they have blue and green inks available for when the Blue 15 and Green 7 are banned early 2023 in the EU. Good news for tattooists in the EU. On the other hand kind of strange all these brands have announced the same thing within a day of each other, close to year end. Ink brands need to do better to keep consumers in the loop instead of playing mind games with each other.

UK HSE Restriction Report Proposal for Tattoo and PMU Ink

The UK REACH Agency has released its restriction report for tattoo and PMU Inks, it's close to 300 pages and is pretty much in line with the EU REACH restrictions.

A brief overview of complications can occur in tattooing

Not all complications in tattooing are reactions to tattoo ink. Having knowledge of what you're dealing with will help to identify what the possible complication is and possible treatments (although this advice should be left to Dermatologists). We've linked to a brief article which goes through few different complications that can occur in tattooing and possible treatments that are sometimes used (sourced from the Tattoo Police, an outpatient clinic in the Netherlands)

Allergic reaction to Red Cosmetic lip tattoo with possible exacerbations after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination

Interesting article in Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. A look at a possible reaction to a PMU ink and if the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations played any part in causing the reaction to flare up.

New tattoo regulations for Wales (UK) on the horizon

That Tattoo Show Vlog discusses potential changes to tattoo regulations in Wales (UK). It's very possible this will be rolled out to the rest of the UK if it gains traction.

IAMInk tackle some misconceptions about REACH compliant inks and side effects

There appears to be some rumours surrounding new REACH compliant inks and mild side effects. IAMInk sheds some light on it all in their latest article : The vaccinated stork

Tattoo ban in South Korea Upheld

Courts in South Korea have upheld a ban on tattooing stating tattooing can only legally be carried out by medical professionals. Spare a thought for our brothers and sisters in the trade that have to tattoo in secrecy to make a living and keep on doing what they love and are so good at.

TLDR : REACH Restriction Webinar

Too Long Didn't Read, a short breakdown of the ECHA REACH Restriction Webinar. The webinar was 2 hours but if you're familiar with the restrictions and want the low down then we've summarised the main points.

Sign up to the Inkflow Newsletter and to get recall notifications

We've added a newsletter form at the bottom of the page to sign up to if you wish to receive notifications on ink recalls, news and new brands added to the portal.

Check your needles for expiration dates.

We've been alerted that some tattooists in the UK have ordered needles and received expired batches. They were returned and new orders sent out to the affected tattooists. This may be because of old stock around from the Covid lockdown and a mistake from the supplier but either way, make sure you check the expiration dates on any new needles you order before using them.

Berlin tattooists, have customers willing to participate in a tattoo study?

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and the Clinical Study Center for Skin and Hair Research at the Charité Berlin are looking people wanting to be tattooed and help with the research into tattoo inks. The study would help gain more insight into what happens with chemicals in the ink and possibly contribute to making our inks safer. Click on the title to read more about it...