New PMU brands have been added

Bevaro, Li Pigments, Biotouch, Doré and Hanfy added to the PMU brands

System upgrade to increase performance and add Inkflow Manager features

We're in the process of upgrading our backend system and web framework. This will increase site performance but most features and improvements occur in the backend Inkflow Manager, the area we use to update information that is used by the site, apologies for any interruptions in the next couple of days. Admin.

Added support filtering documents by different languages

When viewing an ink on the Portal we've now added the ability to filter documents by language. While we generally link to an English version of the CTL or SDS document, we're looking to link to all languages where available in the future.

Added Electrum Ink to the Portal

We've been tracking Electrum's range of tattoo inks for awhile now. They were added to the backend but we were waiting for Safety Data Sheets to be available. They've just launched a new site and included SDS for all their inks :)

Xtreme Ink and Quantum Cosmetic Platinum (PMU) added to the portal

We've added Xtreme Ink and Quantum Cosmetic Platinum (PMU). Xtreme Ink has a few EU Compliant inks and more coming. Quantum Cosmetic Platinum is a new PMU range that is wholly EU Compliant.

Working through adding EU REACH Compliant inks

We've been working on adding brands of ink that comply with the new EU REACH regulations.
In some cases there's a fair amount of data and links to add but in others we're still waiting for documents like SDS sheets to be available.
Keep an eye out for updates.
If you know of any inks that are compliant and we haven't listed them please let us know.

Portal upgraded to Bootstrap 5

The Portal has had a look and feel upgrade to Bootstrap 5.
This brings it inline with the current Bootstrap version.

Horizontal scroll on mobile for Recall and Palette brand filters

We've changed the Ink Recall and My Palette pages to allow for horizontal scrolling on mobile of brands on the top of the page. This was done to limit the space the brands can take up on the page and allow for easier browsing.

Upgrade to FontAwesome 6!

We've upgraded the site icons to FontAwesome 6.0, this is a fairly basic upgrade, if you notice any missing icons please drop us an email.